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Proud to be a nurse

One of our nurses, Sr. Anita has written a lovely piece about why she is proud to be an Enrolled Nurse, please take the time to read about her wonderful journey.

“I was born and raised in a devout Catholic family in the state of Karnataka in India. Nursing is a profession that always mesmerised me from my early childhood. I was deeply influenced by my siblings, who set an excellent example by their committed lives and their selfless services as nurses.

As I go back down the memories of my nursing experience, I recall the words of William Arthur Ward ‘’ If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.’’

It was a dream that came true when I began my nursing journey on 17 August 2006. As a student nurse the journey was wrapped up in anxiety, apprehension and a greater percentage of anonymity to be part of this humane and life-enthralled profession. It was a time for me to understand my profession with a deeper insight.

Nursing is not merely a profession; it is a response to a call. In 2013 I received an invitation to be a missionary in this land of Australia and I responded the invitation in the best possible way to work in the aged care industry.

I love being a nurse. The COVID-19 pandemic has made me more aware of the essential role as a nurse that I could play by keeping our elderly safe and healthy.

As I dedicate my service in the aged care industry, I feel extremely privileged and blessed that this place has taught me many things. I feel deep within me the sense of joy and contentment as I enjoy my ministry in serving the elderly and sick. I love to be with them, I enjoy their company, and their sacrifices and good examples have shaped my life.

I often admire them, in spite of all their illness and weakness they always remain cheerful, hopeful and prepare themselves for heaven. As I continue my journey as a nurse and work in this industry, I keep in mind the alphabet, as the 26 letters symbolize the same number of qualities of a nurse.

A=Adaptability, B=Boldness, C= Consoling, D= Dutiful, E=Earnestness, F=Forgiveness, G=Gentleness, H=Hopeful, I=Impartiality, J=Joyfulness K=Knowledgeable, L=Loving, M=Motherly, N=Natural, O=Obedience, P=Patience, Q=Quickness, R=Religious, S=Sympathy, T=Tactful, U=Understanding, V=Virtuous, W=Willingness, X=Xst dependent, Y=Yearning, Z=Zealous.

As this journey proceeds, I believe in God’s blessings and go ahead with courage and strength to be as God wants me to be.